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When I shared with a friend that I was going to begin my blogging journey with a blog titled “Questing Education,” I was immediately asked, “Why that name?” Granted, there are many names that I could have chosen, but this one seemed to fit. Not only does it represent the information¬† in the blog, but it also holds more of a personal connection.

I am a gamer and nerd at heart. Many of the games I play are RPGs (Role-playing Games). Most are massive-multiplayer online games (MMO), but I have played the pen and paper classic ¬†“Dungeons and Dragons” for over 15 years. When I play D&D, each session is filled with quests. Quests are at the core of the gameplay. Some quests are completed with almost no hiccups or interference, while others are very difficult. No matter the quest, I always have a group of companions to help me through. If we make a decision that turns out badly, we regroup and draft another plan. Then, we try again.

This is how I view my role as an educator. I am continuously on a quest to help students (and myself) learn and succeed. Sometimes the choices I make for lessons turn out great, while other choices may not. If something is not going well, I regroup with my colleagues, analyze the data, and draft another strategy.

One thing is always certain: I never give up. This is true in D&D but especially important in education. Not every choice will be a good one, but with collaboration and some adjustments, better choices can be pursued. Companions are everywhere. Not only are they in our school buildings, but they can be found in the social media networks.

Thanks again for visiting! As you read, feel free to leave comments, so we can continue to learn from each other.