Objectives Board

We’ve all seen the “board.” I’m sure it goes by different names. Objectives Board. Learning Target Board. I Can Board. The list probably goes on and on.

As a 4th/5th grade teacher, when the I CAN movement made its way to my district, I had a board and did my best to make it useful for my children. My team and I broke down standards into bite-sized targets, and that’s what I put on my board each day. Some content areas would have a new target each day. We boxed key words from the targets…I felt my children truly knew what our purpose was. And I’ve seen these types of boards utilized very effectively in different content-areas and grade levels.

The other day I observed a Kindergarten teacher. This is the board I saw in her room.

Objectives board in a Kindergarten room.

During the lesson I saw children using the board. They knew what letters they were working on. They knew which site words were the focus. They knew what the focus was for math.

Are the actual “I Can” words necessary all of the time? Would you say the target needs to be spelled out on the board? Or is it enough that children know how to use the board?