Have You Thought About?

While browsing old blog posts, another one of my favorites was “Is My Teaching Sticky?” I realized that I have put into place something similar this year for my staff. After one particular staff meeting earlier in the year, I remember reflecting and realizing that I wanted teachers to have an opportunity to speak up without fear or anxiety. Being new to the building and being so early in the year, I was sure teachers weren’t quite comfortable with approaching me with concerns quite yet.  I also wanted to honor anonymity if that’s what they wanted.

Enter the “Have You Thought About?” board!

Anytime after a staff meeting, or anytime in general, staff members can place a post-it on a “Have You Thought About…?” board to express concerns. Let’s be honest, we don’t think of everything!! This not only allows staff to share thoughts and concerns, but it has helped me adjust and refine my practices. One time after sending an updated Recess/Lunch Duty Schedule, a staff member had a “Have you thought about?” concern around the placement of adults on duty. Turns out I overlooked something on the schedule that needed fixing!

Another time a staff member submitted a concern that I HAD thought about, but my decision on the matter had to remain. This concern being submitted did, however, showed me that I needed to communicate the WHY a bit clearer.

My staff begun to realize that I am approachable and have an open door policy. I will always be transparent when it comes to concerns they may have. The “Have You Thought About…?” board remains intact, as it still provides an avenue to relay concerns.