Is My Teaching “Sticky?”

An oldie, but a goodie! This was awesome when I utilized it in my 4th grade classroom!

As I was browsing Pinterest one evening, scouring the boards for pins with ideas to enhance my practices, I saw a pin with a board that read, “What Stuck With You Today?”. I’ve always been a proponent of student voice and every voice being heard. Even children who are typically quiet or shy have much to say.

I immediately put a board up for my students. We love using post-it notes for writing, so I knew they would like using them for this board. We also use a variety of formative assessments in class. The “exit ticket” is used quite often to get a gauge of understanding. This board provides yet another formative assessment.

There was a bit of a curve when introducing this to my fourth graders. The first time they wrote on the post-its, many of the “sticky” items were vague. Some said “fractions”, while some said “Main Idea.” I used that as an impromptu teaching point for descriptive writing. Now that the children are becoming a bit more comfortable with using this board, they are writing clear, descriptive items. One child recently wrote “Why the denominators stay the same when adding fractions”. This is a gauge to let me know what’s sticking and what is not. Plus, it’s always nice to allow children the chance to express themselves.