Community That Eats Together…

Wednesday was our last day before Winter Break. Thanks to one of our Evansville Teacher’s Federal Credit Union branches, I was able to provide a breakfast for my staff before the business and excitement of the day began.

I’veĀ  had the pleasure of serving Vogel as principal for 7 months now, and since day one I’ve been impressed with the sense of community around the building. Many of the children who attend Vogel have parents and grandparents who attended Vogel. The staff absolutely loves their jobs and is loyal to the school.

As staff came to the media center to get breakfast, I couldn’t help but smile when they sat down at tables together to eat. With the demands on our time, I wouldn’t have blamed them if they got food and went back to rooms to eat while prepping for the day. But my staff sat down together, as a community, as a family, to enjoy their breakfast. I don’t even think they realized the message they were sending.


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Simply providing food does not build or curate a culture within a school. However providing opportunities for people to talk, laugh, and recover creates a culture in which we all can sustain the compassion that we innately have that led us to our careers in education.