It started as a fun thing to do on a whim. I saw a tweet from @HeckAwesome¬† and thought, “Why not? I’ll sign up!” By the way, if you don’t follow @HeckAwesome, yet, you need to do that immediately.

I like to sketch, draw, and doodle. Never did I imagine the community-building aspect this would provide.

After signing up, I received an email on January 10th with my team members’ names; @foglia_mario, @MistyKluesner, @mrs_m_granger, @gadgetsgarcia, @AnnBruckerTIS, and our Team Leader @mospillman.¬†I WAS FIRST ON THE LIST! I was hesitatant and a little nervous to be the first sketchnoter, but after seeing the talent on my team, I was thrilled that I was first.

The sketchnote started, and was passed along throughout the day bouncing all over the world.








Below is the final product of Team 10!

@AnnBruckerTIS brought us home!

This reminded me that sometimes the things that may appear small have a large impact. Due to #passthesketchnote I followed many folks that I hadn’t followed, yet. My PLN became stronger. I was challenged and inspired to grow. These are the types of experiences I want for both my staff members and my students.

Many thanks to @HeckAwesome and @mospillman for a great day on January 11!

What are some activities that at first seemed “small”, but that after implementing had large impacts on your classroom or school community?